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Interesting tidbits:

Why the Dodo? The Dodo Bird (Raphus cucullatus) was chosen because it represents everything we stand for: silly goofiness and the need to preserve life on earth. The Dodo remains a popular symbol of extinction even though it was wiped out by humans over 300 years ago in the 1690's.

dodo engraving

While traveling in 2007 I was visiting a Dodo skeleton at the Museum of Natural History in New York City. I sent a photo of it from my phone to Leigh Ramsdell in North Carolina. He inspired me to use the name for the production company. The illustration of the dodo used in our logo is believed to be an engraving made in the 1680's from a live specimen, just before this silly and magnificent bird disappeared forever.

Thorny Devil

Remember... We're not out to save the world. The world is just a pile of elements swooshing around in a big ball. No we're trying to save something much more special. Something that may have never happened anywhere else in the universe. Life.

Giant Panda

If you care, you can and will make a difference. Why not have a little fun along the way?

- Hal Brindley

What is Dodo Films?

Three-toed Sloth, Costa RicaDodo Films is a multi-media production company dedicated to keepin' life on earth. We have two requirements for every production: it has to be fun and it has to help humans live more sustainably on this planet. Our projects include:

• television programming
• film production
• advertising campaigns
• innovative web-based programming

Our Mission

• To preserve life on earth by creating entertaining, humorous and educational mass media

Our People

Hal Brindley (founder, owner, producer)

Hal BrindleyHal Brindley has been inspired by life on earth his whole life. Although terrified by many animals as a child (including dogs, chipmunks and kittens) he has always had a keen interest in science and biology. At around age ten he began producing animated films with an 8mm movie camera. He spent endless hours moving clay models frame by frame in his dark basement. He had a lot of patience for a ten-year-old.

He also had a mind for business and started his first entrepreneurial ventures around this time (including neighborhood carnivals, fireworks distribution and eventually controlling the bubble gum racket throughout junior high). Hal's love of film took on a different focus when he began skateboarding and BMX riding in high school.

Hal started his first real business as a freshman in college. What began as a small custom screen printing outfit soon grew into a full clothing line for BMX riders. Thanks to the marketing savvy of Hal and his partner Steve, the company became the sport's most popular clothing brand by the mid 90's. He also became a major event promoter, starting a national BMX freestyle competition circuit. This led to his role as an organizer for the ESPN X-Games and MTV's Sports and Music Festivals. After 10 years in business, Hal decided it was time to focus his energies on something he really cared about: preserving life on earth. He sold the clothing line and reinvented himself as a wildlife photographer.

His fascination with life's incredible diversity is clearly evident in his work ( After eight years of traveling the world and documenting it's vanishing wildlife, he decided it was time to take the next logical step. To begin in earnest what he felt was his true life calling, the culmination of all the skills and knowledge he had acquired throughout his eventful life. Dodo Films was born.

Hal Brindley brings the following skill set to the table:

• film and video production and editing experience
• business management and accounting skills
• extensive marketing and advertising experience
• an intimate knowledge of "hipness, coolness, and cutting-edge nonsense"
• a wide range of graphic, artistic, and web design skills
• vision (and the ability to make outlandish dreams into reality)
• determination, perseverance, self-motivation, and the honest desire to make the world a better place.
• the ability to write third person biographical information about himself without feeling schizophrenic

Hal Brindley is co-editor of Travel For

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