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We have two requirements for every production:

1) It has to be fun

2) It has to help humans live more sustainably on this planet.


Our projects include:

• television programming
• film production
• advertising campaigns
• web media development

Western Gray Kangaroo
(Western Gray Kangaroo, Australia)


The Enviromentals
Putting the "mental" in environmental. (and taking that "n" out of the middle)

"The Enviromentals" features a cast of misfits turned world-saving do-gooders. Follow them as they attempt to untangle the world of eco-friendly sustainability and then pass on their knowledge, for better or worse, to their fellow man. In the end they may not only learn how to improve the way they live, but more importantly, why.

• Episode 1: How to Make a Worm Bin (10/28/08) watch the video

• Episode 2: How to Reduce Your Fast Food Trash (3/4/09) watch the video

Volunteer Projects

WildlifeACT logo
Promotional Films for Wildlife ACT in South Africa.

While in South Africa volunteering for Wildlife ACT, Hal Brindley produced an assortment of promotional films. Wildlife ACT is a wildlife monitoring group that depends on volunteers to carry out their important conservation work. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer and having the experience of a lifetime, please visit their website at wildlifeact.com