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Episode 2 (03/04/09)

Leigh Ramsdell
Hal Brindley
Mike Noonan
and countless unwitting fast-food restaurant employees

Did you know?

• 1 in 4 Americans eats fast food every day.

• That's 75 million people a day.

• We created 1.5 pounds of trash from our 21 meals

• We multiplied our average trash per meal by 75 million people.

• That comes out to
5.7 MILLION POUNDS OF TRASH. created by eating fast food. every day.

• That's like throwing away 570 elephants a day.

• That's just in the United States.

• If we had only used Mike's average trash per meal, that figure would have jumped to 8.4 MILLION POUNDS!

Random stuff

• Mike ate McDonald's before he got on the train to come visit us. So technically he ate fast food for 8 meals in a row.

How to Reduce Your Fast Food Trash

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Thanks for watching!

- Hal & Leigh

How to Reduce Your Fast Food Trash
brought to you by The Enviromentals (Hal Brindley & Leigh Ramsdell)


Welcome to the second webisode of the Enviromentals.

We all know eating fast food is not the most environmentally friendly (or healthy) way to feed yourself. But everybody does it once in a while. In fact, one in four Americans eats fast food EVERY DAY. This creates a lot of trash. But there are a few simple things you can do to reduce you waste while dining out.

So give it a shot and have some fun.


Where can I find more information?

Online Resources

The Dogwood Alliance is a great organization dedicated to reducing the amount of waste created by fast food restaurants. Full of good facts and a fun game!

Looking for a cool website about reducing your trash? Check out what my friend Rose is up to:


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